A Farmer and his dog

There were two friends whose occupation was farming. They both had two dogs named as Jolie and sammy as their acquaintances, which were tamed to take care of their cattle and sheeps from wild animals.

The dogs used to take care of the farmer’s property cautiously. Suddenly sammy felt bored of this job and wanted freedom. He approached one of the owner and partner of the farmland named leslie ,on his idea of roaming out free, but his master considered sammy as her lovable son .At first she rejected his proposal but later she realised sammy was unhappy with the job ,so she convinced her farmer friend Jason and let the dog free for life.

As time passed by, leslie felt sad without sammy. Jason’s love for the another dog fueled her unhappiness, so she decided to bring back sammy . leslie tried to convince Jason a lot, but her efforts were unfruitful every time. Her enviousness for Jolie grew with time. She started beating the poor dog whenever she could and started convincing Jolie to go free ,so that she could bring sammy back.

Jolie was bothered and beaten frequently, the poor creature got frustrated and humiliated regularly ,he couldn’t even discuss his pathetic situation with jason ,as the farmer trusted his partner more than anyone. Leslie started complaining falsely about Jolie . One fine day ,the victim dog bit leslie out of frustration and was punished by jason for misbehaving. so the poor animal decided to run without telling anyone and succeeded in moving out of the place.

Leslie took control over the situation and brought sammy back . She convinced the farmer that sammy was the most deserving dog for their love and farmland. Jason got adapted to the lies and deception without knowing any of the happenings around him.

It’s not true that always goodness and honesty wins ,sometimes humans, should also take decisions like Jolie, to get out of such pathetic traps to lead a mentally healthy life. Even if no one cares out Jolie, its ok, the innocent creature got a job in a garden and now, fragrance of freedom has come as a gift on his way.


The first sign of motherhood starts from giving the warmth and space in the womb for to a life to grow. It’s a blissful experience every woman needs to cherish. When it comes to handling the challenges during the maternity period and giving birth,every woman handles it uniquely.

After the birthing,the biggest struggle is fighting sleeplessness and postpartum depression. The mental health of the mother is most often ignored which leads to stress ,whereas only the best part of being a mom is highlighted everywhere.

At each and every milestone of bringing up a child, the mother struggles a lot to provide proper health care,nutrition,parental guidance and many more. Somehow ,most of the parents try their best to satisfy the needs of their kids.

Some parents prefer to have many children ,where the process repeats. Now, the biggest challenge arrives in maintaining a balance between the siblings. In many households the children are not treated equally or sometimes the weaker ones get more preference compared to the stronger child, which creates a huge negative impact in their mind.

Motherhood is all about cherishing the experiences of raising children, handling the responsibilities wisely and maintaining a emotional balance between the children.

Follow your heart ❤

It always takes a bunch of experiences to abide by the voice of heart. Does our heart really communicate with us? Anxiousness gives a befitting reply for this question.

A very few people around the world can never cheat their inner voice and live a happy life, but a majority of human race live by lying to themselves and others.

People who hear to the voice of their soul are the people with a positive spirit and they are the most badly treated and misunderstood people in the world.

It worries to see a lot of importance given to highly influential and pretentious people who are always self centric ,but never get caught in their lifetime. Highly cautious too😉.They keep fooling around the imbecile crowd.

There are a set of people who convince their heart by blaming someone else for their negative deeds. They consider themselves honest and victimise others for their mistakes😂

Amidst all these judgemental opinions and moodswings of negatively influenced human kind, good people stand apart worrisome most of the time, being odd man out, but contented with their choice for good.

Its advisable to stand somewhere between accepting both the voices of mind and heart ,to be a intellectual kind hearted person ,protecting thy heart ❤ from being exploited.


Practicing silence is all about being mature.

Sometimes we poor human beings are poked,humiliated,underestimated and provoked for years to get frustated . When you find that others opinion about you is being manipulated to promote favouritism to another person and you are not even given a chance to explain your version of truth, a sudden state of inability to handle emotions occur engulfing the mind with a lot of blankness .The expression of this emotion happens through tears which inculcates a better lesson on prefering silence over arguments.

Happy women’s day😀

Woman should be beautiful, powerful, brave and have forbearance to all the pain she undergoes in her life and practice stoicism. Being a woman is to produce life and protect morality. Am I correct ?

She should be beautiful but gets critisized for the make up she wears,if she is powerful people say “she doesn’t behave like a woman , too much arrogance”. If she is tolerant to the bitching around her she becomes a weak woman .This shows the wrong perception of the society against woman.

“Happy woman’s day” is not just a phrase. Let us wish them from the bottom of our heart to break the barricades of criticism and reach the top of the mountain😃